IWLA Eugene

Eugene Chapter

The Eugene Chapter of the Izaak Walton League has worked to provide a safe and convenient place to practice shooting for local residents for over 50 years. We are a members only range and not open to the public. The chapter and members also participate in a wide variety of voluntary conservation efforts affecting our land and wildlife. We welcome newcomers to the chapter and encourage stewardship of the land.

YES! The Range is open!
If the fire danger goes back to HIGH the Range will once again close.
Until further notice social distancing and mask requirements are in place when you are sharing the range with people who are not members of your immediate household. -->

The range is open daily from 8:00AM to 7:00PM or sundown, whichever is earlier. The fourth Saturday of each month is range clean-up day. All or part of the range may be closed for repair, maintenance, or improvements. Eugene Chapter members are encouraged to volunteer for these activities and earn hours toward your work bond (which means you pay less for your Range Use Fee). Please remember to put a note into the boxes in either pistol bay 3 or at the rifle range whenever you do any work on the range so you can get credit for it!

Please remember to pick up after yourself after shooting! This means, take down your targets, clean up any garbage, and pick up your spent shells!

Sighting In Days will go on as planned!
3D Deer Archery Shot scheduled for Sunday, September 20 is cancelled due to Range closure because of fire danger.
IDPA Match scheduled for Saturday, September 19 is cancelled due to extreme fire danger. Please see our Calendar for any updates. We plan to be back on October 17!
Due to unprecedented demand, the board has decided to temporarily suspend taking new members, therefore there will be no new member orientation until further notice. Please watch the web site for the next orientation date.

3D Deer Archery Shoot! Sunday, September 13 [CANCELLED] and Sunday, September 20,
1 pm to 5 pm both days in Pistol Bay 1 at the Izaak Walton League, Eugene Chapter Shooting Range.
For more information, please call Gary Laprocino at 818.220.1884. No broadheads or crossbows, please.

Sighting In Days starts Saturday, September 19, at 8 am and runs through Friday, October 2! Monday through Thursday hours are noon to 4:30 pm; Friday, Saturday, Sunday hours are 8 am to 4:30 pm. Please remember that during Sighting In Days hours of operations, the rifle range is closed to regular shooting.
This is the biggest fundraiser for the range!
Members who volunteer time at Sighting In Days get credit toward their workbond which lowers their range fee!
Dates are September 19 - October 2. Shifts are 4 or 4 1/2 hours: on weekends, 8 am to Noon and Noon to 4:30 pm; weekdays noon to 4:30 pm.
To volunteer, please contact John Gross, (541) 954-8113, river1@continet.com or Eric Huggins, (541) 321-9409, huggins4@live.com.
NOTICE: Range Use Fee Increase effective January 2021!
Due to unprecedented demand and reflecting a lack of volunteer participation, the Board feels compelled to increase the Range Use Fee (RUF). Effective with 2021 membership renewals, individual membership cost will increase by $40. For several years the annual (Calendar year) RUF has been $70. This will become $110, taking the total cost for an individual membership from $140 to $180. Family memberships will increase from $210 to $270. These changes will be reflected in the annual Dues Notice (pink/blue card) which is typically mailed in October, with payment due by December 31.

Range Cleaning will be held as usual on September 26, starting at 8:00 am -- we feel we can maintain "social distance" while on the range and still be able to get things done!
Please see our Calendar for events!
  • The Board of Directors September 22 meeting will be held at Countryside Pizza & Grill, 645 River Rd, Eugene, OR 97404 at 6:30 pm; please contact Jeremy or Carol if you have issues that may need to be covered.
Thank you for your understanding as we all try to get through these interesting times!


Unfortunately, the Ladies Steel Matches will not be held the rest of this summer. We'll pick it up again April 2021.

Membership Renewals

If your gate access device does NOT work, it may be that you didn't renew your membership for 2020! IWLA membership ($70) and Range Use Fees ($70) were due by January 30! If your gate access device does not work and you know you have paid your 2020 dues and range fees, then, please contact Melanee at (541) 484-1090! If you have NOT paid your dues and/or range fees, please email Melanee at eugeneiwla@gmail.com to let her know you will be making a payment by mail. Please make your check out to IWLA for $140 for a single membership or $210 for a family membershp and send to P.O. Box 2247; Eugene, OR 97402. Reinstatement may take up to 3 days after payment!
Questions? Contact Melanee Ellis, Membership Coordinator, at eugeneiwla@gmail.com or (541) 484-1090.


Next Range Cleanup, 9/26/2020, starting at 8:00 am.

Remember, for every hour you work at the Range, you get $10.00 off your Range Use Fee at the next renewal (Workbond credit)! Don't forget to put a note into one of the boxes in either pistol bay 3 or at the rifle range or by emailing workbondhours@gmail.com whenever you do any work on the range. Please include your name, the date, the number of hours you worked, and what you did for that time to make sure you get your credit for it.

Please remember that during Board authorized events, the portion of the range that is being used for that event is closed to nonparticipants.

Range Safety information is in our Range Manual (must have Adobe Acrobat).

Rifle Range Bays    Long view rifle range

Map of the shooting range location. Address is 30930 Izaak Walton Rd. (sometimes spelled "Isaac" Walton). Mailing address for the chapter is IWLA; P.O. Box 2247; Eugene, OR 97402.