IWLA Eugene

Membership Information

For questions about Membership with Eugene Izaak Walton League of America Shooting Range, please contact Melanee Ellis by email at eugeneiwla@gmail.com or by phone at (541) 484-1090.

The range is open to members daily from 8:00AM to 7:00PM or sundown, whichever is earlier. The fourth Saturday of each month is range clean-up day. All or part of the range may be closed for repair, maintenance, or improvements. Eugene Chapter members are encouraged to volunteer for these activities and earn hours toward their work bond (which means paying less for the range fees).

Membership Dues are generally for a calendar year January 1 through December 31 regardless of when you join.

Membership Renewals for 2023
If you do NOT pay your 2023 Membership Dues before March 1, your gate access device will be deactivated! If your gate access device is not working and you know you have paid your dues, please call (541) 484-1090 and speak to Melanee Ellis about getting the gate updated. The lock should be updated within 24 hours for members who are current but mistakenly deactivated. If you wish to pay your 2022 dues now (late), please send a check or money order for your appropriate dues ($180 for a single membership or $270 for a family membership) made out to Eugene IWLA to Eugene IWLA, P.O. Box 2247, Eugene, OR 97404. You may also send your fees via PayPal to eugeneiwla@gmail.com adding $6.00 for a single membership or $10 for a family for Paypal fees. Gate updates will occur only once a month if paying late.
Please see our Calendar for information about dates and times for the next New Member Orientation!
New Member dues are:
  • Individual membership: $185 ($70 IWLA National dues + $110 Eugene Chapter Range Fees + $5 Gate Access Device fee).
  • Family Membership: $280 ($105 IWLA National dues + $165 Eugene Chapter Range Fees + $10 for 2 Gate access Devices).
For a Family Membership, all persons wishing to receive a Gate Acces Device, MUST ATTEND THE SAME ORIENTATION!

Replacement fobs are $15.00 each; Replacement cards are $10.00 each.

*Range Use Fees may be reduced by your Work Bond. Please see below for more information.

Work Bond allows members to work off some or all of their range use fee by doing maintenance and clean up work at the range. For every hour you work, you get $10.00 off your Range Use Fee at the next renewal (Work Bond credit)! Don't forget to put a note into one of the boxes in either pistol bay 3 or at the rifle range or by emailing workbondhours@gmail.com whenever you do any work on the range. Please include your name, the number of hours you worked, the date, and what you did for that time to make sure you get your credit for it.