IWLA Eugene


The Board of Directors has identified a practical solution to the desire of members to bring "their own steel" to the range. Rather than examine each person's idea of a suitable target, we have selected a very well engineered and beautifully constructed steel target "system" from Thor Targets of Albany, OR.

These targets are made of AR550 armor plate and rated to withstand rifle use. The "system" consists of a base, a user supplied 2x4, cap/hanger and the target plate itself. There are five different target plates which can be hung from the cap. Prices vary from $38.50 to $76.30, depending on the size plate selected. All are the same material, all are acceptable to the board.

THE 2x4 STAND/TARGET/BASE WITH 5 PLATE OPTIONS IS THE ONLY APPROVED TARGET! To view photos of this target, click the link below:

Thor Targets 2x4 Stand Target Base

VENDORS: In addition to Thor Targets LLC, there are three local outlets stocking the approved target:

  • Mazama Gun Room, 1055 Bailey Hill Rd. Ste B, Eugene, OR 97402 Ph. 541-484-9993
  • Gun Pro, 4405 Main St. Springfield OR, 97478 Ph. 541-915-9030
  • Bi-Mart locations

It would be wise to call ahead to see what they have in stock before making a run to the store!

To purchase the target directly from Thor Targets, go to their website


Lead splatter reflected from steel targets can be extremely dangerous! You should consider 15 yards absolute MINIMUM distance from the target for pistol shooting. Further away is safer yet.

Other than 22 rimfire and other low velocity rounds, rifles should not be used at less than 100 yards from the target. This is both for safety and the longevity of the targets.

It will be, after all, YOUR target, so if you wish to burn a hole in it, that will also be YOUR problem. Replacement plates are available...